Department Personnel

Fire Chief
 Ken Fagen

Road Superintendent
 Doug Zimperman

Sue Wagner

Park Board 
Les Ober, chairman
Roger Mezak
 Judy Bradt-Barnhart
Mark Fritsch
 Wayne Mansfield
 Jim Stefancin

Joint Rec Board
Doug Ule
Marty Sanders
 Ashley Vasko
 Fred Arnold
 Chris Marker
 Guy Munn
Tim Gaylor

 Zoning Department

 Mike Joyce, zoning inspector
 Marge Hrabak, assistant zoning inspector

Board of Zoning Appeals
Ray Fidel, , 2015
 Chris Yaecker, 2017
 Ed Meyers, Chairman 2015
 Mary Lee Brezina, 2014
 Lewis Tomsic., 2014
 Karen Endres, alt., 2015
 Marge Hrabak, secretary

Zoning Commission
ZC Mike Nelson 2022, Vice Chairmen
Jerry Hudak 2021, Chairmen
Steve Boughner, 2020
Jessica Rivera, 2020
Margaret Avalon,  2018
Tricia Hajma, Alternate, 2017
Ed Deiulls, Alternate, 2019

Departments & Services

Fire Department 

The Newbury Volunteer Fire Department provides fire and rescue services for township residents.   The NVFD is an independent volunteer corporation, which is funded by a 1.6 mill fire levy which currently raises approximately $261,000 per year, plus a $50,000 per year payment from the township general fund.

440-564-2261 (Non-Emergency)
For more information go to:


Road Department

The Newbury Road Department provides maintenance services for township roads.   The road department is funded by two state sources - the motor vehicle license tax and the gasoline tax inside millage ffom the general fund (road and bridge fund), as well as two property tax levies, which provide revenue to the road department fund.  The Year 2012 appropriation for all road department activities was $1,159,000.

Contact: Doug Zimperman 440-251-0155



The Newbury Cemetery Department provides maintenance and record-keeping for township cemeteries.  The cemetery department receives some funding from a cemetery fund into which monies paid for sale of cemetery plot.

Newbury Township has four well kept, attractive cemeteries, two of which have sections available for interment of residents and non-residents.

Both Munn Cemetery, located on Music Street west of the intersection of Music Street and Munn Road, and Newbury Center Cemetery, located on Auburn Road south of the intersection of Route 87 and Auburn Road have numerous vacant gravesites.

South Newbury Cemetery and Morton Cemetery are closed.

Pre-arrangements may be made by contacting the Newbury Township Sexton.

                                Resident        Non-resident   
Gravesite (deceased)    no charge         $1,200
Pre-arranged                      $300             $1,200

Open/Closing of grave-weekdays
Full Burial                         $350              $720
Cremains                           $150              $200

Full Burial                         $550              $800
Cremains                           $250             $400

Disinterment-weekdays only
Full burial                          $1,000         $1,000
Cremains                            $150           $250

Monument bases/footers  $50/lineal foot (add 6" to headstone length)
VA Markers                  No charge
Removal/Relocate         $100


download cemetery policy >

download cemetery regulations >

Contact: Sue Wagner 440-829-7171

Park Board

meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month.

The mission of the Newbury Park Board is to establish park district properties and facilities throughout the boundaries of Newbury Township in Geauga County, Ohio. The parks, currently including Oberland Park on Auburn Road and Grange Park on Kinsman Road, will conserve our natural resources, protect wildlife habitats and sensitive ecosystems, and preserve our land for the purpose of educational, conservational, and recreational uses, providing open space and rural atmosphere for future generations to enjoy. The 2012 budget for parks and recreation is $6,000.

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New zoning page

Newbury Township Zoning now has its own page. You can go to the Zoning page by clicking on the "Zoning" tab. All the links and information about zoning that were on this page now are there. If you have questions about this Web site please contact Administrative Specialist Sue Wagner at 440-564-5369 or If you have questions about zoning please contact Zoning Inspector Mike Joyce at 440-564-9220 or and type "zoning" in the subject line.